[MK] Scum's Wish (Kuzu no Honkai) [BD 720p][Hi444][Dual-Audio] +2

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Scum's Wish
BD 720p (Alternative: 1080p version)

Screenshots Comparison: N/A

Affiliated Groups: Commie, Beatrice-Raws, basheer_naimi, Etzimal, Rhythm, Ryutai
File Extension: .mkv, h264 10-bit

Source: Scum's Raws
Codec: x264 10bit Hi444
Resolution: 1280x720
Frame rate: 23.976

Source: Beatrice-Raws, USBD
Audio Track 1 (Default): English 2.0ch AAC ~ 256Kb/s
Audio Track 2: Japanese 2.0ch AAC ~ 256Kb/s

Source: Commie modiefied
Subtitle Track 1 (Default): Signs & Songs (.ASS)
Subtitle Track 2: Full Subtitles (Commie modified) (.ASS)

The 720p is a simple remux using Scum's Raws with JPN ACC audio encoded from Beatrice's FLAC and USBD audio kindly supplied by Etzimal. As for the subtitles, I used Commie as the base but added OP KFX kindly supplied by basheer_naimi, via a group called Rhythm. As for the ED KFX, with help from RyutaiI have recreated Rhythms to an extent, as the font that Commie/Rhythm used caused the spacing to go all out of whack when playing back through MPV. Special mention to those on irc for their various inputs.


  • [MK] Scum's Wish (Kuzu no Honkai) [BD 720p][Hi444][Dual-Audio]
    • [MK] Scum's Wish - 01 [BD 720p][Hi444][Dual-Audio][BD82120E].mkv (941 MB)
    • [MK] Scum's Wish - 02 [BD 720p][Hi444][Dual-Audio][279ECCCC].mkv (903 MB)
    • [MK] Scum's Wish - 03 [BD 720p][Hi444][Dual-Audio][9A3D2F4A].mkv (838 MB)
    • [MK] Scum's Wish - 04 [BD 720p][Hi444][Dual-Audio][D432DF33].mkv (862 MB)
    • [MK] Scum's Wish - 05 [BD 720p][Hi444][Dual-Audio][F7B8753D].mkv (873 MB)
    • [MK] Scum's Wish - 06 [BD 720p][Hi444][Dual-Audio][35ECDA39].mkv (897 MB)
    • [MK] Scum's Wish - 07 [BD 720p][Hi444][Dual-Audio][82A81BA4].mkv (963 MB)
    • [MK] Scum's Wish - 08 [BD 720p][Hi444][Dual-Audio][6437A82C].mkv (865 MB)
    • [MK] Scum's Wish - 09 [BD 720p][Hi444][Dual-Audio][A4D2C59A].mkv (943 MB)
    • [MK] Scum's Wish - 10 [BD 720p][Hi444][Dual-Audio][D7EE9C17].mkv (892 MB)
    • [MK] Scum's Wish - 11 [BD 720p][Hi444][Dual-Audio][0BC3F3D0].mkv (961 MB)
    • [MK] Scum's Wish - 12 [BD 720p][Hi444][Dual-Audio][C065873A].mkv (693 MB)
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