[SCY] Blade Runner - Black Out 2022 (BD 1080p Hi10 AC3) [Dual-Audio] +3

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Uploader: Scyrous
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Anime - Dub
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Date: 2018-06-11 13:12:18 UTC
File size: 1.7 GB
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- 1080p -
Audio Track 1 (Default): English 2.0 AC-3
Audio Track 2: Japanese 2.0 AAC

Subtitle Track 1: English Dialogue [SCY] (.ASS)

This is a 15-minute animated short that serves as a prologue for the Blade Runner 2049 live-action movie.

Overall, my comments on the source aren't really any different from decibeL's (internal group at Awesome-HD). It's a badly bitrate-starved BD source with major blocking/banding and lossy 192kbps AC-3 audio (Japanese AAC from CR since it wasn't included on the BD). The source is hardly any better than the CR rips available.

For the subtitles (they are actually dubtitles), I retimed everything to the Japanese audio track. Kuromii then edited a few lines to better match the Japanese audio.


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[SCY] Blade Runner - Black Out 2022 (BD 1080p Hi10 AC3) [227B6701].mkv (1.7 GB)
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