[AnimeRG] One Piece (Episodes 001-837) Seasons 01-19 [1080p] [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub] [HEVC] [x265] [Ultimate Batch 2018] [pseudo] +6

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Date: 2018-05-26 14:41:19 UTC
File size: 184 GB
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Leechers: 36
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Info Hash: e52d45604c1131afb664b92c995afdf3242b5e8b
Torrent Info: [AniDex Torrent #149449] [AnimeRG] Join Us On Discord -> http://bit.ly/AnimeRGonDiscord / Best Seedbox -> http://bit.ly/RapidSeedBox / Donations Welcome ~ Bitcoin (BTC): "31x92HND6p2D2AJpPfsAieo9DHqXid7wRU"


…::Video Specs::…

Format/Info : HEVC / x265
Resolution : 1920x1080
Frame Rate : 23.976 fps

…::Audio Specs::…

Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec
Channels : 2 channels
Sample Rate : 48KHz
Language : English (001-574), Japanese (All)


Type : Soft Coded
Format : ASS / Restyled: [pseudo]
Track 1: English [Crunchyroll]
Track 2: Arabic [AnimeSubarb] 001-746 / [alphantom] (747-837)
Track 3: Portuguese (Brazilian) [Crunchyroll]
Track 4: Spanish (LA) [Crunchyroll]
*Crossover episodes 492, 542, and 590 are Japanese Audio with English Subtitle Only.


Japanese Audio & Video Source: Web-DL / Crunchyroll / [HorribleSubs] (~420 GB)
English Audio Source: DVD & Funimation Web-DL EP 001-468) / [KHP] EP 469-574 (~13.5 GB)

…::More Info::…

All English audio has been reworked, re-timed, and normalized. Japanese Audio from Seasons 01-07 has been normalized as well. There should now be little to no difference between audio levels episode to episode. All attempts have been made to correct any issues in previous encodes. I have also added multi-sub for the whole series and corrected any font issues I was aware of. If you do find any issues please let us know on the [AnimeRG] Discord Server at https://discord.gg/WvZdnrY.


Default User Logo vijay66 2019-03-31 23:51:32 UTC
Thank you for your "ultimate batch uploads".I watched One Piece till around episode 350, before my internet admin blocked video sites that hosted them. Then I found your ulimate batch , which went on till mid Dressrosa arc. It helped me catch up on the anime! I have been seeding that torrent for many years, keeping space for it on my hard drive, and trying to use my often limited data to seed. However, it has been online for months now without a single leech/ peer connecting to download data from me. And I just noticed that you have uploaded more recent " ultimate batch"s, so people are probably on that swarm. So it is with great nostalgia that I am finally removing the torrent from my PC. Thanks a lot!
Default User Logo 2rrff433 2023-03-08 10:15:13 UTC
  • [AnimeRG] One Piece (Episodes 001-837) Seasons 01-19 [1080p] [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub] [HEVC] [x265] [Ultimate Batch 2018] [pseudo]
    • One Piece Season 01 (East Blue) EP 001-062 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 02 (Entering The Grand Line) EP 063-077 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 03 (Winter Island) EP 078-092 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 04 (Alabasta) EP 093-130 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 05 (Dreams!) EP 131-143 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 06 (Sky Island) EP 144-195 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 07 (Escape! Marine Base G-8) EP 196-228 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 08 (Water Seven) EP 229-263 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 09 (Enies Lobby) EP 264-336 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 10 (Thriller Bark) EP 337-381 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 11 (Sabaody Archipelago) EP 382-407 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 12 (Island of Women) EP 408-421 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 13 (Impel Down) EP 422-458 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 14 (Marineford) EP 459-516 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 15 (Fishman Island) EP 517-578 [Dual-Audio] [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 16 (Punk Hazard) EP 579-628 [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 17 (Dressrosa) EP 629-746 [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 18 (Silver Mine) EP 747-782 [Multi-Sub]
    • One Piece Season 19 (Whole Cake Island) EP 783-In Progress [Multi-Sub]
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