[180124] Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Tracks 1987-2017: Videos for FF X - FF XV [720p] +0

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720p version videos for ‘Final Fantasy X’ through Final Fantasy XV from the “Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Tracks 1987-2017” BDM release. AAC audio (which shortens this description greatly).

I also feel like noting that the videos for FF XI and FF XIV are (unsurprisingly given the nature of the games) primarily comprised of panning concept art or area overview videos for XI. They are still pretty, but I wouldn't want anyone to feel let down.

I'll apologize in advance for any stupid mistakes (I always seem to make at least one in every release).

Any help seeding is always greatly appreciated.


  • [180124] Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Tracks 1987-2017: Videos for FF X - FF XV [720p]
    • 085-094 Final Fantasy X
    • 095-104 Final Fantasy XI
    • 105-114 Final Fantasy XII
    • 115-124 Final Fantasy XIII
    • 125-134 Final Fantasy XIV
    • 135-144 Final Fantasy XV
    • 145-147 Bonus Tracks
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