[MK] Orange v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio] +1

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Anime - Dub
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Date: 2017-12-19 08:43:05 UTC
File size: 5.8 GB
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BD 720p v2 - NOW WITH CRC'S!

If you downloaded the first uploaded torrent, I forgot the CRC's... Here is the .sfv file to rename and rehash them, alternatively you can just rename with using the CRC's in this torrent and rehash. Apologies for the oversight.

Screenshots Comparison: neko-raws vs YakuSub Studio

Affiliated Groups: GJM, neko-raws, Ynk, shamil11, kBaraka
File Extension: .mkv, h264 10-bit [neko-raws]

Source: neko-raws JPBD
Codec: H264 10bit
Resolution: 1280x720
Frame rate: 23.976

Source: neko-raws BD, USBD (shamil11)
Audio Track 1 (Default): 5.1ch English AAC ~ 512kb/s
Audio Track 2: 2.0ch Japanese AAC ~ 168kb/s

Source: GJM, YnK, MK
Subtitle Track 1 (Default): Signs & Songs (.ASS)
Subtitle Track 2: Full Subtitles (GJM modified) (.ASS)

As for the 720p, there weren't many video sources available. Mainly neko-raws, YnK and YakuSub Studio (rutracker). YnK's release had hard subbed foreign OP TL on it, so that got quickly dismissed. Then looking at YakuSub Studio and neko-raws, they are exactly the same release, right down to the same x264 encoding settings. Therefore, I stuck with neko-raws as a base going forward. Audio has been upgraded to the AAC BD equivalent in 6 channel glory. Patches are available for this release. As far as subs go, [GJM] was used as the base subtitle group with KFX script from YnK, edited (mainly fonts and timing). See you at the Movie release!
Also, good dub cast!


  • [MK] Orange v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio]
    • [MK] Orange - 01v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][D434F240].mkv (411 MB)
    • [MK] Orange - 02v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][46BEEBFC].mkv (340 MB)
    • [MK] Orange - 03v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][373D7D56].mkv (452 MB)
    • [MK] Orange - 04v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][8CC77F39].mkv (457 MB)
    • [MK] Orange - 05v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][9A69B17B].mkv (459 MB)
    • [MK] Orange - 06v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][2A219292].mkv (479 MB)
    • [MK] Orange - 07v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][F6B9BDDD].mkv (368 MB)
    • [MK] Orange - 08v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][72433350].mkv (353 MB)
    • [MK] Orange - 09v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][5B9BDAA0].mkv (414 MB)
    • [MK] Orange - 10v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][20DA7D9A].mkv (436 MB)
    • [MK] Orange - 11v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][26FC880F].mkv (396 MB)
    • [MK] Orange - 12v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][F0184B81].mkv (800 MB)
    • [MK] Orange - 13v2 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][CB583689].mkv (598 MB)
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