[SubsPlus+] Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible - S01E08 (1080p ADN) (Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai) +0

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Date: 2023-05-23 16:20:28 UTC
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*Automated release, nothing has been manually checked. Still in beta so expect occasional problems - Report issues and suggest improvements in comments. This is a personal project that may stop at any time. I am not affiliated with SubPlease.*

Video - ADN via Tsundere-Raws
Audio - ADN via Tsundere-Raws
Subtitles - Hidive (Modified) via Erai-raws

**Subtitle enhancements automatically applied in this release:**
- Main dialogue restyled to Gandhi-Sans styling
- Timing post processor applied to patch up Hidive‘s terrible timing, snap to keyframe, etc.
- Readable subtitles - Jank on overlapping lines shifting around has been fixed
- Signs have their proper fonts ripped (via Erai-raws)
- Hidive's small font style for alternative speakers moved to top of screen
- Basic song-styling if Hidive has songs translated (styling is same for all shows)
- Overlapping main dialogue given blue outline to differentiate speakers
- Fixed signs displaying on top of dialogue
- Dash at the end of lines converted to em-dash
- Proper stutter (W-what?! → Wh-What?!, S-s-s-subsplus → S-S-S-Subsplus)


Hello! Testing releases on anidex before possibly moving to Nyaa.

I don’t do any ripping myself so thanks to the other uploaders.

The episode and title naming format is not fully fixed yet but I prefer English titles so that’s what it is for now. Again, comment suggestion or improvements on anything!


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[SubsPlus+] Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible - S01E08 (1080p ADN) [B9C3224A].mkv (551 MB)
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