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[Feel free to repost to Nyaa or elsewhere, worked hard on it ;] The complete collection of XY series but Rocket Gang is "fixed" here so the continuity between BW-XY-SM-Journeys as well as future series seems less jarring. Pokemon Showcases and Flare Gang arcs are more consolidated now as well, which makes for a better viewing experience and further benefits Rocket Gang’s narrative during Flare Gang arc. Besides, even if you aren’t a Rocket Gang fan this complete collection has still plenty to offer you – consistency and consequence that’s on par with everything else in the series, with XY Rocket Gang effectively brought up to the levels of SM/Journeys which means they’re far less annoying and more grounded. They have clearly defined place in episodes and narrative now, sometimes only with a cameo, and all of their POINTLESS, invasive, degrading appearances were removed. The effect is *surprisingly* nice flow of XY series that I never knew I could appreciate so much!

***For more content, see my Sun & Moon Complete Collection (Fixed Rocket Gang). Journeys edition with small fixes also in the works!

→ My Pokeani collections contribute to overreaching Team Rocket TRio continuity between series that doesn't mistreat the characters in the aftermath of messy transition from BW to XY and remains acceptable as continuous canon. The general tendency to bring back past characters and reference old events in Journeys has become such a strong statement that past events are in fact 100% canon, something phenomenal that hasn’t really happened before on such a scale in Pokemon anime. This was the final push that motivated me to share this collection for everyone who might find it satisfying and would love a perfectly balanced collection of episodes that can deliver sensible continuity during binge-watching, Rocket Gang TRio included! Read more in the “Motivation Behind This Project & Rocket Gang Issues in the Narrative” PDF attached to the torrent.

Episodes without “[NUMBER]” at the end of the name are episodes with TR in them.

Episodes are the same quality as original uploads by the sub team. With a very few exceptions almost all edits were done with lossless methods, timings of subtitles were readjusted where needed. Changes include small dialogue edits, gentle cuts, removal of scenes, re-ordering of episodes (with positive effect on Rocket Gang pacing) and larger edits of some of the episodes. Also, a few episodes I decided to remove completely because they don’t contribute anything to the series but do a huge disservice to Rocket Gang’s characterization (or narrative) so it wasn’t just worth the work to salvage them like the others. For Flare Gang’s arc I left most of the episodes intact but to provide better pacing and improve Rocket Gang’s narrative in it I used short 4-5 minute long segments in some places to fill in the blanks. I managed to keep the structure of the entire series mostly the same, without things being “off” such as higher tier evolutions shown before their actual episodes – though some of it was unavoidable, in particular a certain green blob visible in Eureka’s bag in some of the reordered episodes, or narrator lines at the beginning sometimes. Nothing major though, the narrative and progression of stories are not confusing at all, and Flare Gang arc being an actual finale to the series with Showcases resolved earlier so they’re not getting in the way… makes perfect sense and reminds us of the nice flow of Plasma Gang’s arc in Best Wishes or Solgaleo’s arc in Sun & Moon!

Key features of this collection:

- Simply put: TRio are no longer jarring coming out of Best Wishes and a better balance between serious/lighthearted, with quality over quantity. They are actually worthy successors to BW’s legacy and after binge watching in succession you’ll certainly find them acceptable as continuous canon, unlike the messy writing in the original XY version. It’s true that Decolora Adventure arc in Best Wishes made them blast off again on regular basis and included them in more traditional filler roles in most of its episodes - but I always viewed it as a “respite for the past’s sake” (which worked for that short filler arc of the Decolora Archipelago) rather than the beginning of the forced “every damn episode for the past’s sake!” treatment. So leaving Decolora Islands I expected to see some more of these novel solutions introduced in BW, at least in portion, like their tech schemes, not always involved in weekly plots, restrain when needed, dedication or even apparent successes towards Rocket Gang’s goals because they gotta uphold their somehow good reputation now. All of which turned out to be true *in most of their interestingly written, high-quality XY episodes* but not quite in the bigger picture because their XY writing was completely schizophrenic and conflicting at times. Putting them in almost every damn episode in places they clearly didn’t belong to with piss-poor motivations behind their actions largely contributed to pointless, distracting avalanche of their extremely annoying, low quality appearances throughout the entire series... Well, now it’s all gone! They are well-balanced and closer to SM/Journeys. They no longer stalk the brats at every corner and can sit out some of the episodes (or even many episodes) where they aren’t needed, just like in SM/Journeys! Which is how they should have been in XY to begin with!

- They no longer obsess over Pikachu like it’s the only thing that matters, you can notice their schemes actually involve other Pokemon as well. Needless, forced references to Pikachu removed from many of their schemes that simply have nothing to do with it! It comes off so naturally that you won’t even recognize these dialogue changes. Now it’s how it ought to be!

- In some other cases where changes were needed their motivations are much better now, with most of their needless, ridiculously motivated, not-fun intrusions removed completely.

- Pacing is good and one may notice a pattern in their activities, like research into Mega Evolution, Pokemon-control experiments, research into Squishy and Flare Gang’s activities without needless, stupid distractions, and other off-screen activities that don’t involve the brats. Makes sense that the boss still tolerates them or that they have direct line of communication with him.

- There is also the Vanipeti episode where merely two dialogue changes were enough to fix their original, ridiculous, forced motivation (“making and selling ice-cream”) and turn it into a science scheme at the request of Professor Seger (weapon testing similar to their Dangoro scheme from Best Wishes), so yep, they’re still in touch at times, why shouldn’t they be? A small nod of justice because their relationship was pretty good and there is no reason why they shouldn't actually stay in touch. Also, the mention of Seger feels completely organic in this episode because Kojiro even uses his “let me explain our science!” segment here, you know, the one that first appeared towards the end of BW!

- The ratio of blast-off VS no-blast-off-or-more-varied-exit has been effectively reduced to 50/50 or less. While no longer using rocket jet packs to escape, they’re still allowed to make off-screen retreat on occasions if their schemes fail and quietly slip away. Also, got rid of forced, needless skyward blast-offs in plots - with exits other than skyward blast-offs being more common now, like they used to do back in the good old days at times (running away, sinking etc.). This sort of variety really helps with the transition from BW to XY (makes them more believable as partially successful, more competent schemers with some of that scheming dealt with behind-the-scenes) and is then replaced by Kiteruguma’s fun, original exits of SM, with skyward blast-offs brought back in full force only for Journeys.

- More frequent shenanigan adventures with TRio effectively stalking the brats from the bushes (rather than bumping into them by chance) occur around Showcases, when they’re more focused on Musashi’s personal side quest and traveling to the same contest destinations as the brats. Unlike the Pokemon contests of AG/DP, she is not really shown actively training for Showcases with her Pokemon by her side here - all of it delegated to off-screen, sadly. But at least she is no longer over-obsessing over capturing others’ Pokemon for her performances since such pointless, short-lived, distracting, inefficient appearances of theirs were all removed! This actually contributes to her development as a more mature performer after AG-DP and doesn’t do her the disservice of aimless, brainless Pokemon kidnapping sprees based on some far-fetched fantasies of her performances magically working out for the better – motivations that were only used as shallow excuses to include them in plots of those episodes in the first place, even though they should have been absent in those. So now everything is as it should have been from the start and TRio aren’t as pointlessly degraded in the narrative of the show.

- Three of the episodes with very similar plots, mostly ridiculous on their own, I actually managed to turn into a single one but filled with quality, while cutting down on all the useless, bad quality stuff. It’s pretty impressive how well it worked out and good example of how Rocket Gang TRio can be used to advance development of Satoshi’s Pokemon in a fillery, wacky adventure but at the same time as more efficient threats and characters actively involved in said plot, so it’s actually believable, not forced and deus-ex-machina.

- Their role in Flare arc is more consolidated, with gentle nods towards careful investigation rather than quick, wacky, short-lived snatching attempts in episodes they don’t belong to. Also, they don’t tell the boss such unbelievable crap in the end (that they controlled 100% Zygarde and single-handedly defeated Lysandre). Instead, they present the truth – yes, in more colorful light but still mostly the truth - and they did in fact play a role in defeating Flare so there is no need to lie. Makes sense, they achieved some things and researched some stuff, though their apparent lack of captured Pokemon and more significant, more substantial results prompted the boss to monitor them more closely in Alola presumably. The continuity makes more sense now!

- Different subtle changes or cuts where needed, resulting in better pacing and coherent narrative behind Rocket Gang activities in the series.

I can rest in peace now because with all those Rocket Gang flaws and distractions eliminated it is actually possible to appreciate XY series as a consistent whole and part of larger canon saga!



Default User Logo rocketgargr 2022-03-21 16:34:33 UTC
FIX: Not going to change torrent file for this but I just realized Onbat-Onvern evolution episode was completely out of order (in a major way). Also, with that episode pushed forward -> TR's finale with their Sinnoh/BW music at the end of Ingenuity Festival becomes a great indicator of the beginning of their Flare arc, so that's a nice touch to have.

Just change number of episode 048 to '057B' after download. (but please seed if you can, so you can actually keep a copy of the original numbered 048 in the folder, just in case to be able to seed it, thanks!)
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