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~ The Pantsu presents ~
Fixing subtitle typeset of original source to get 100% [HorribleSubs] look and feel.
Remux based on [Erai-raws] and [SubsPlease] releases.
If additional subtitles are available, they will be kept. [SubsPlease] is usually not including them.
Nyaa-support is lame thats why I am here now. The old releases can still be found there.

At the moment including some QC:
- Fixing timing of signs (frame transitions).
- Fixing sign positioning.
- Fixing subtitle timing overlapping.
- Fixing honorifics if italic style is used.

#Pantsu @Rizon
Looking for:
Seeders. XDCC Bot.


[Pantsu]_Re_Zero_kara_Hajimeru_Isekai_Seikatsu_S2_-_14_[1080p][D6B1C4D7].mkv (1.6 GB)
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