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Uses MTBB's release with Harunatsu's KFX and Toonami English audio fit to video length.

FYI: The ED for the English dub airing was much shorter than the Japanese version for this episode, so the Japanese ED audio has been spliced in to compensate. It also looks like the English dub never did a recording for the "next time" end card, so it has been replaced with silence since its just a card showing the next episode's title.

Recommended for video playback: mpv

For the time being, Mew files can be found in RH’s XDCC.

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User Logo Golumpa 2019-02-10 16:07:33 UTC
There was an oversight that the JP audio track is set to default with the signs and songs track, here is a patch for it and it'll be fixed in the batch release.
User Logo EyeHeartGolumpa 2019-02-10 19:02:30 UTC
when will that be?
[Mew] Sword Art Online - Alicization - 01 (WEB Dual Audio 1080p AAC) [468C0BB5].mkv (1.6 GB)
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