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Greetings from CaptainTsubasaFansub,

Things escalating pretty qucikly. . .

Heartbroken Nitta and Otomo traitors, Nakanishi got razored by Soda, avalanche of Furano comes back, Tachibana Twins comes back as well, Misugi did some nasty things to Kojiro and Sawada, Sanae got ballzoned and that sums up what this episode is about. . .

And we're here to take you to this episode along with them. . .

Our Public QC challenge a.k.a. "Please find our mistakes" still stands and continues, we're waiting your submissions;

As you may saw last week we have a challenge for you, please do mention mistakes you find in our Discord channel for we can change them in the upcoming releases.

Credits episode 32:
Translators: Aria, burcu
Translation Checkers: Aria, burcu, nothingxs
Editor: nothingxs
Quality Checkers: Aria, MHiN
Timer: Touji
Typesetters: ByAuS, Magnum357


[CTF] Captain Tsubasa (2018) - 32 [1080p][4EC931E8].mkv (567 MB)
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