[neko-raws] Mahoutsukai no Yome - Hoshi Matsu Hito - OVA [BD][720p][AAC] +2

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Here's a lovely present, which even surprised me when I discovered those on BD Vol.3. Obviously this will be batched with the series later.

Since there's someone uploading the Amanchu Advance BDMVs I won't upload raws of it until the last Volume gets shipped to me and batch them. I was planning to release it one by one, but now people can do their own encodes. Same goes for SAO, if someone uploads the BDMV or not.

Subs: GJM (OVA 1-3)
QC: Kuromii

Huge thanks to Fyurie [GJM] for letting me use their subs! Much love! Also another huge thanks to Kuromii for helping me!

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