[Sour] The Ancient Magus Bride Episode 22 As you sow, so shall you reap English Dub 1080p +0

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Chise Hatori wakes up in Cartaphilus’ layer, Stella Barklem unconscious beside her. Using Stella as leverage, Cartaphilus makes it clear he wants Hatori’s dragon arm, but first, he has to test their compatibility in a terrible, terrible way. After that, he forces Hatori into her memories, where she relives the awful moments that had shaped her life before meeting Elias Ainsworth. Will she be able to survive the immersion in her own memories? And even if she does, what kind of person will she be?

This is a 1080p Funimation Dubbed Anime Episode of The Ancient Magus Bride Episode 22.


The Ancient Magus Bride S01-E22 As you sow, so shall you reap.mp4 (1.1 GB)
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