[Sour] The Ancient Magus Bride Episode 21 Neccessity has no law English Dub 1080p +0

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Chise Hatori and Elias Ainsworth visit the witch’s coven at Mariel’s urging. But, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Hatori didn’t get exactly what she sought — though we can’t say she walked away empty handed. Later, Elias makes a terrible decision by himself, and he forces Ruth to help him. What will Hatori do when she discovers the lengths to which Elias will go to save her? And when will Cartaphilus make his move?

This is a 1080p Funimation Dubbed Anime Episode of The Ancient Magus Bride Episode 21.


The Ancient Magus Bride S01-E21 Neccessity has no law.mp4 (1.1 GB)
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